Are you a filmmaker?

Are you a filmmaker? A Writer? A Director? A Producer?

Are you more interested in making your own movie and building your own career than working on a visiting movie as a crew member while they are taking advantage of our Michigan movie incentives?

Would you like to succeed in Michigan as a filmmaker and NOT have to move to LA or NYC?

Are you ready to work with a team and play a bigger game? Are you interested in meeting others like yourself and start playing together to create that bigger game? A game that we can all win…

Then this is for you. Above the Line Detroit! A place for the people who generate movie projects not just work on them. A place for the people who have always had to move to LA to follow their dreams and who now are being enticed by the state of Michigan to move back and make their movie here. Under the present incentive program we still have to move there to build our careers and why? Does it make sense to every month look for another movie maker to come here from there when this state is full of filmmakers who would rather just stay?

For Michigan to truly have a sustainable film industry. We need to generate movies here not just work on them when they come from else where. That means incubating Above the Line talent that causes movies to be made. We do not need the government or incentives to make that happen. We can make that happen. Incentive or not, Michigan is still a cheaper, faster and better place to make movies. If we work together we can make it be a place where we can succeed without moving to LA. The people we need to move there to meet are all coming here right now. All we need to do is meet them and leverage those relationships into a movie industry here.


About Edge

Film and event producer, artist, photographer, podcaster, cultural troublemaker.
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